April came to me with an established studio salon and an existing plug-and-play Weebly website. She needed a logo, signage for her door and an updated, more sophisticated, streamlined website.

She told me the inspiration behind “Bella La Vi” was in the meaning, “Beautiful, I saw her.” To April, all of her clients are beautiful, and she strives to enhance it with each client. Her salon has a modern, minimalist flair while maintaining a spa-like tranquility through her choices of furnishings and wall-color.

In designing Bella La Vi’s logo and website, I hoped to echo both. The icon, a hand-lettered “blv”, is soft and fluid like a wisp of hair in the wind. The accompanying text in Bernino Sans is modern, minimalist and clean.

For the website, playing off of the “beautiful, I saw her,” and the movement I created within the logo, an image of a female’s eyes and windswept hair greets you and draws your eye down to her welcome message. The color palette is minimal, and echoes her salon environment. Included are images of some of her work, as well as links to her social media and most importantly, access to her appointment scheduler in multiple, easy to find locations throughout her site.

See more: www.bellalavi.com



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