The Think Big Conference is a three-day event held annually and is a forum for creative minds to come together and share ideas, workflow, and resources.

There are workshops and lectures available in every facet of art and design.

Every year they adopt a different style of art as the theme. The theme for this campaign is inspired by comic books, pop art and the works of Roy Lichtenstein.tbcLOGOS

P R O M O T I O N A L  M A T E R I A L S

Promotional materials for the Think Big Conference include posters, flyers and banner flags. Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, each item features original illustrations of pop-art characters that establish the theme and lend to continuity throughout the event.

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T I C K E T I N G  +  M E R C H A N D I S E

The pop-art theme and the characters created for the promotional materials carry through the event onto the entry passes and merchandise. Merchandise items were chosen based upon the target audience’s preferences. Designs are versatile and could be used for many other revenue items.