Meli Melo and Simplify are two brands of products that would be found in a store environment that caters to both upscale clientele as well as bargain shoppers, such as Target or Publix.

Though both product lines cater to different types of consumers, the bold, clean packaging of the value brand and the simple, “home-grown” design along with the quality of products from the luxury brand encourages every type of shopper to purchase products from both the value and luxury lines (making both an asset to the revenue of the store that sells them).

L O G O  D E S I G N | luxury


L O G O  D E S I G N | value


L U X U R Y  B R A N D


Meli Melo (un mélimélo being French for “an assortment”) is a family-owned luxury brand whose target audience is health and environmentally conscious, looking for products that are organic, non-GMO, and all natural. Nothing “fake” or imported. They only use the highest quality ingredients and are as close as you can get to farm-to-table from a packaged good. The packaging has a clean, modern design and is printed on recycled materials. Their logo features original hand-lettering lending to that personal, family-owned feel. They offer a range of food items, from canned goods containing zero preservatives, to organic baby foods, to gluten-free snacks and dairy alternatives.

V A L U E  B R A N D

Simplify is a value brand whose target audience is shoppers that are budget-conscious, but also image-conscious. These consumers don’t want to feel like they are buying a bargain product that is “less than.” The design is eye-catching, but simple and modern, setting it apart from other value brands on the market. They aim to provide consumers with a bargain product that they would feel proud to purchase over the more expensive “name-brands.” The products cover a vast range of goods from cereal, canned goods and other packaged food items, to household cleaners, plasticware and paper products.

Stock photography featured on Simplify packaging courtesy of Unsplash.